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Language schools on the campuses of the best universities around the world
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The World of Social Volunteering

Volunteer projects in the social or environmental sphere
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Internship Programs

Internships in the hotel and financial businesses, tourism, health care, and education
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Our Company and Achievements

We are a company whose programs give students the opportunity to study, work, and travel around the world

Upcoming Programs

April 13–27

Work&Travel Europe

The student exchange program allows you to move to Europe for a few months and live an independent life and work legally in the service sector

Europe, June – September, from $980

Teach in China

Teach English in China and live with a local family

China, 4 months, from $700
Learn Spanish Worldwide

Spanish courses 20+ countries

20+ countries, May – August, from $2100

News and Events

We publish information about upcoming and past events, special offers, and their conditions
Updated Visa Information

April 19, the review of applications for European visas ended
$50 for Each Friend

If 5 of your friends sign a contract, you participate in the program for free!
Meetings with Who Students Came Back from Europe

Stories about Europe: travel and study impressions and challenges

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